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Asilee Barnes

Hi, I'm Asilee Barnes.

Hi, I'm Asilee Barnes. I'm sure by now you've tried pronouncing my name and you probably got it wrong. If not you're one of the lucky few. Or you simply know someone else named Asilee, which in itself is rare. My name is pronounced Az-za-lee. A mouth full right? I'm 24 years young and I reside in Cleveland, Ohio. I'm married and have a beautiful son named Adam. I'm a huge gamer and my specialty is computers, graphic design, and IT.

Asilee Barnes's Background

Asilee Barnes's Experience

Graphic Designer at self employed

May 2003

Asilee Barnes's Education

University of Phoenix

Concentration: Graphic Design and Illustration, Sociology, Psychology

Cuyahoga Community College

Concentration: Intro Into Micro-Computing

SuccessTech Academy

Asilee Barnes's Interests & Activities

Gaming, drawing, blogging, computers, being a mom.

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